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About RAAS

Remote Access Accounting Services.

For clients who desire to process and maintain their data on a server and simultaneously have access to external accounting support and service, RAAS is your answer. RAAS provides clients with a facility to process, maintain and view their financial data remotely. This service is accessible from the client’s computer or via our website, both locally and internationally. The benefits of RAAS are:

  • The Client and FOS can have access, process and review your accounting database simultaneously
  • The Client can process some, or all of their day-to-day operational transactions and print related reports at their establishment
  • The Client and FOS can access the data from any location via the internet
  • The Client’s data will be maintained on an operating system that offers the pertinent bells and whistles of a Small Business Server, at a fraction of the cost
  • The integrity of the data is not compromised
  • The systems where the data and software are housed are secure and backed up both internally and externally
  • The software and operating systems are consistently maintained and upgraded by the host
  • The host offers technical assistance and support for the system

Tired of performing software updates, not having accounting support that can immediately access your data, backing up your data, maintaining your hardware or not having access to your accounting data while away from your office, than contact us about RAAS. RAAS service meets the criteria that we target to address these issues and more.